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Facial Cleaner/ Massager


Do you want to remove those blackheads, pimples and dirt on your face?

Or you just want to rub off make- up residue from your face?

Needs a cleaner and smoother face in other to enhance your facial appearance without stress , professional touch but with a professional results in less time?

5 in 1 Electric Facial Cleaner is an excellent device for face cleaning and massaging. It is not only handy, friendly but absolutely safe and suitable for all skin types.

The 5 in 1 Electric Facial Cleaner reduces and erases pores on skins.

The two speed controls: Low this is for daily cleaning and High which is for exfoliation.

The five (5) interchangeable heads makes it highly efficient to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin as it removes residue, dirt, and makeup 2 to 6 times better than using your hands and exfoliates 8 times more effectively than manually.


It'll also help your skin absorb 50% more nutrients through serums and moisturizers.

Most importantly it lifts, sculpt, and tone facial muscles and rejuvenate sagging skin.

You can also use the 5 in 1 Electric Facial Cleaner on your neck, underarms, bikini line, ankles, legs, and any part of your skin as it reveals a radiant skin.

It uses 2 AAA 1.5V batteries.

The 5 interchangeable heads functions as follows:

1.  Soft brush: Gently rotate to deep clean your skin. Used with your facial wash to get better results. 

2.  Make-up sponge: Gently massages your skin to increase skin elasticity and better facial product absorption.

3.  Latex brush: Cleanses the pores of leftover make-up, especial for eye and cheeks totally bring out the pores chemical substances.

4.  Rolling massager: Both gentle and deep massage to increase blood circulation, you can use this one to remove double chin, help to slimming down your face.

5.  Pumice accessory: Gently exfoliates polishes and removes rough callus skin on foot or elbow to reveal youthful skin.

Packaging Details:

1x1 Electric Facial Cleaner

1x5 Interchangeable Heads

Note: Battery not included.

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