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Buy affordable phone accessories online at GbanjoDeals, mobile phones are becoming such an integral part of our lives and we need all the protective phone accessories that will protect and keep them looking new and fresh at all times. there are a variety of essential phone accessories available at GbanjoDeals store that include durable and powerful power banks that offer longer phone life and time spent on the internet in the absence of power. We also provide you with a variety of monopod selfie sticks that enable you to get the perfect angles when taking selfies or group can also get various accessories like the new coco-phone-retro-mobile-handset, Phone case, USB cable, Vr-Box with wireless Gamepad, universal power bank designed specifically for mobile phones.

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2-Way USB Flash Drive

Flash drive with 2-way(dual) ports you can connect..

₦3,500 ₦2,900

3D Smartphone Magnifier

Smartphone foldable Screen MagnifierAdopts french ..

₦4,500 ₦1,500

Bluetooth Camera Shutter

The Bluetooth Camera Shutter is a wireless remote ..

₦2,650 ₦1,650


Generic All-optical Waterproof Binocular Telescope

 Generic All-optical Waterproof Binocula..

₦7,000 ₦6,500

Gym Running Armband Case For Iphone

If you have an iPhone 6 and want to keep it safe w..

₦3,500 ₦2,700

i-phone 5 Shiny Gold Case

Shiny gold cases for i-phones, (I-phone 5)...

₦1,575 ₦1,300

I-Phone 5/5s Light Up Case

I-phone 5/5s phone case that Lights up all round y..

₦5,000 ₦4,500

I-Phone 6 Light Up Case

I-phone 6 phone case that Lights up all around you..

₦5,000 ₦4,500

I-Phone 6 Plus Light Up Case

I-phone 6 Plus case that Lights up all round your ..

₦5,000 ₦4,500

Micro USB Data & Charging Cable

Enjoy smooth charging, data sync and transfer more..

₦1,200 ₦900

Mighty PURSE. ( Charge On The Go)

Charge on the go! A Purse that fully charges your ..

₦35,000 ₦30,000

Mini selfie stick

Lightweight in weight selfie stick* It is lig..

₦2,000 ₦1,500

Monopod Selfie Stick

Take pictures and recording video has been simplif..

₦2,500 ₦1,850

Nigerian Flag i-phone 4 case

i-phone 4 phone case in colours green-white-green...

₦1,575 ₦1,300

Nigerian Flag i-phone 5 Case

i-phone 5 phone case in colours green-white-green...

₦1,575 ₦1,300

Nigerian Flag Samsung S4 Case

Samsung s4 phone case in green-white-green colour...

₦1,575 ₦1,300

Nigerian Flag Samsung S5 Case

S5 Samsung phone case that comes in the colou..

₦1,575 ₦1,300

Nokia Lumia Charger

A superb charger for Nokia Lumia , giving you utmo..

₦4,000 ₦3,500

Selfie Stick

Take pictures and recording video has been simplfi..

₦2,000 ₦1,600

Sim Adapter

One nano sim card in all mobile devices...

₦900 ₦700

Smartphone Universal Camera Lens

The Universal Camera Lens is a new innovation devi..

₦2,500 ₦2,300

Stylus Pen

The stylus pen is crafted of special material spec..

₦1,350 ₦650

Stylus Pen - Gold

The stylus pen is crafted of special material..

₦1,000 ₦700

Stylus Pen - Silver

The stylus pen is crafted of special material..

₦800 ₦600

Swarovski i-phone 4 Case

Beautiful crystal/diamond stones i- phone 4 Swarov..

₦2,650 ₦2,000

Swarovski i-phone 5 Case

Beautiful diamond stones i-phone 5 Swarovski cases..

₦2,650 ₦2,000


THL THL 2015A MTK6735

1. Pump-Express technology results in safe, fast c..

₦55,000 ₦50,000

Universal Mobile Phone Car Holder

Air Vent Cell Phone Mount - Universal Holder - Car..

₦2,500 ₦1,500

USB Cable for iPhone 5, 5S, 6 & 6S

Sync and transfer files to and from your computer ..

₦3,000 ₦2,500

VR BOX with Wireless Gamepad Combo

3D VIRTUAL REALITY BOX3D Virtual Reality Glasses i..

₦25,000 ₦14,999

3Port USB Adapter

100% brand new and high quality.Quantity:1PCColor:..

₦3,000 ₦1,500

Smartphone Holder

Material:SiliconQuality: 100% DurableUse: Smartpho..

₦3,000 ₦2,000