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2 In 1 Egg Slicer

Easily cut an egg into even slices. Perfect Egg We..

₦1,500 ₦999


2 Modes Thermometer With Fever Beeping

2 Modes Thermometer With Fever Beeping 1 seco..

₦5,000 ₦4,300


50x Zoom HD Optical Monocular Telescope Lens

50x Zoom HD Optical Monocular Telescope LensProfes..

₦8,000 ₦7,500

6 - Ways Kitchen Grater

Kitchen grater has a wooden handle that is ideal f..

₦1,500 ₦1,100


High quality stainless steel bodyAutomatic switch-..

₦6,300 ₦5,950

AOLIKES Adjustable Knee Brace

Protect your knees and get relief from knee pain w..

₦4,500 ₦3,500

Arm Rest Organizer

Quickly organize and store all your favorite TV ac..

₦2,000 ₦1,600

Baby Walking Assistant

As babies grow, they start craving to do as they s..

₦4,500 ₦2,900

Bad Dads of the Bible

Some of the most noted, celebrated and godly men i..

₦3,000 ₦2,350

Cap Baby Bottle - Blue

Mother's choice cap baby straw feeding bottle is a..

₦1,500 ₦740

Cap Baby Bottle - Pink

Mother's choice cap baby straw feeding bottle is a..

₦1,500 ₦740

Chess Board Game

The Chess board game is important in developing th..

₦2,500 ₦2,000

Christian Philosophy

Everyone views life through a filter. The Bible ca..

₦2,000 ₦1,850

Come Forth And Fly

"Come Forth and Fly is a salient call to everyone ..

₦2,500 ₦1,950

Cucumber Slicer

The cucumber slicer is stylishly made to slice cuc..

₦800 ₦600

Deep Fryer - 3 In 1

This is a versatile 3-in-1 cooking set for frying,..

₦5,000 ₦40,000

Easy Press Juicer With Cup

Used to squeeze oranges fororage juiceBPA FREE600M..

₦1,400 ₦999

Egg Cracker & Separator

The EZ Cracker is an easy egg cracker after all. T..

₦3,400 ₦2,200

Egg Whisk - 3Piece Set

6 wire stainless steel constructionIdeal for beati..

₦1,500 ₦999

Ekonom 30076

A box contains 100 items.The envelopes and Invitat..

₦15,120 ₦35,000

Electric Barbecue Grill & Stand

Many have been inspired by the new breed of Electr..

₦16,000 ₦15,000

Electric Blender With Mill

Electric Blender All purpose blenderFour spee..

₦7,500 ₦5,800

Electric Mosquito LED Lamp

Electric Mosquito Killer LED Lamp attracts mosquit..

₦3,000 ₦1,800

Electronic Gas lighter

The gas lighter is a single spark gas lighter. It ..

₦1,200 ₦1,000

English Learner Laptop

The English Learner laptop has 20 activities for l..

₦4,000 ₦3,800


Environmental Plastic Garden Tree Swing

Environmental Plastic Garden Tree Swing- 130-220 c..

₦8,376 ₦6,700