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Bavarian Edge- Knife Sharpner

Get razor sharp knives in seconds with the Bavaria..

₦6,000 ₦3,500

Electronic Kitchen Scale

Electronic Kitchen ScaleEquipped with high precisi..

₦4,000 ₦3,500

Moi-Moi Plates - 12-Piece Set

Moi-Moi Plates | 12-Piece SetGood for serving bean..

₦4,500 ₦3,000

Nonstick Square Grill Pan

Nonstick Square Grill Pan on the stovetop any time..

₦10,000 ₦5,000

Potato Chipper

Potato Chips or fries made easy, it is easy to use..

₦4,000 ₦2,700

Silicone Egg Cooker - 6 Pieces

Silicone Egg Cooker - 6 PiecesTo easy the stress o..

₦4,000 ₦2,500

Stainless Steel Garlic Press

Stainless Steel Garlic Press• PROFESSIONAL GARLIC ..

₦2,000 ₦1,500

Sylvania mini grater

 Super sharp stainless steel: The sharp blade..

₦9,000 ₦6,000

Home Pipe Dredge Agent

Product: Deodorant Kitchen sewer pipes throughWeig..

₦3,500 ₦1,700