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AB Exercise Roller Wheel

The ab roller is an inexpensive and seemingly inno..

₦9,000 ₦7,000


Eco friendly, anti burst, waterproof,65cm size bal..

₦4,500 ₦4,000

AOLIKES Adjustable Knee Brace

Protect your knees and get relief from knee pain w..

₦4,500 ₦3,500

Dolphin Infrared Hand Massager

This dolphin infrared hand massager beautifully de..

₦15,000 ₦10,000

Push Up Exercise Bar

Features: -Pair of padded grip push-up bars. -Padd..

₦8,000 ₦6,000

Quality Gym Ball

Gym Balls have always served many gym functions wi..

₦8,000 ₦6,500

Quality Gym Gloves

2017 New Gym Fitness Gloves for Weight Lifting, Bo..

₦8,000 ₦6,000

Sunnex Slimming Belt

Slimming belts may act as a girdle to aid in the a..

₦10,000 ₦8,000

Weight Skipping Rope

Jumping rope literally has it all – it works..

₦7,000 ₦5,500