Mathematics Tv Tutors DVD Vol.3 JSS 1 / Basic 7


Mathematics Tv Tutors DVD Vol. 3 For JSS 1 / Basic 7

Course Description

This is the #1 Math DVD course you need to dramatically increase the mathematical skills of your children.  This is an Easy to follow & Easy to understand mathematics video course that will take you through the simple steps in solving difficult maths questions. Also, it has been prepared to fully cover the requirements of the new NERDC Universal Basic Education curriculum.

Instructed by Oluwakemi Odusanya


What am I going to get from this Math video course?

·       25 lessons and over 2 hours 30 minutes of content!

·       Learn tangible mathematical skills that will improve your performance in class tests and exams

·       Your memory retrieval will become very high

·       Carry out the conversion of numbers between bases two and ten

·       Add, subtract, multiply with binary numbers up to 3-digits

·       Run a simple check of your results in multiplying with binary numbers

·       Learn how to add, subtract, divide, multiply decimals

·       Learn how to convert fractions and percentages to decimals

·       Learn how to solve simple equation

·       Learn how to determine the range of any given statistical data

·       Learn how to calculate the area of regular irregular shapes such as triangle, circle, parallelogram, quadrilateral, trapezium

·       Learn how to calculate the volume of solids; Prism, cube, cuboid

·       Learn how to round off numbers



  • 25 lessons and over 2 hours 30 minutes of content!

  • Step by step detailed explanations of difficult mathematical concepts

  • Step by step video detailed explanations of all examples

  • Important revision exercises at the end of each lecture

  • Loud and clear voice over that aids the understanding of the given explanations

  • Prior explanations before the given correct answers

  • No physical distractions from the teacher, but straight to the home point

  • Bright and colourful; animated writings, diagrams, and pictures that simplifies difficult concepts for a better understanding

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