Merchant Guide

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The GbanjoDeals Marketplace model allows the seller take control of uploading, processing and delivering orders to customers. All the seller has to do is Register, List, Sell and Get Paid.Selling on GbanjoDeals Marketplace is simple, quick and free of charge.

·         It builds your brand visibility.

·         Gives you access to a wide customer base.

·         Increases One on One Customer Interaction

·         Direct Customer Feedback.

·         Flexibility of Shipping.

·         Improved Delivery Timelines.

·         Prompt Payout Request

·         Log on to

  • Click on Merchant Account at the top right hand corner of the screen and click on Register as Merchant or Click here 
    Register as Merchant
  • Existing Merchants: Click on Login, Enter your registered email, password and click LOGIN


Register as Merchant

·         Enter your first name

·         Enter your last name

·         Specify merchant Nickname

·         Enter a valid email address

·         Enter your password

·         Confirm your password

·         Accept terms and continue

Setting up Your Merchant Profile

·         Specify your merchant nickname/seller name

·         Describe what you sell.

·         Enter your company name (Optional)

·         Select your country

·         Select your state

·         Specify your PayPal address (Enter your valid merchant Email Address)

·         Upload your avatar/image

·         Upload your banner to be displayed on your profile page

·         Merchant group(choose from the options the best that suit your kind of products)

·         Agree to the merchant policy

·         Click save


Click on this link to enter your Merchant Settings (Important for products approval)


Click on this link to enter your Bank Account Details (Important for merchant payout)



General Tab

·         Specify name for your product

·         Describe your product

·         Choose your products price(Normal Price)

·         Select category for your product(choose a parent and sub category)

·         Select to upload image for your products (Allowed extension png, jpeg,jpg and maximum image size is 500x500) also ensure your image is set on white background.


Shipping Tab


·       Enter your product weight (kilogram)

Data Tab

·         Enter your product model/brand name,if not sure enter "Universal" or "Fashion"

·         Out of stock status : Sold Out

·         Use the Date available assigned by the system or edit if necessary

Options Tab

·         Click add options (chose the size, colour, volume as applicable) and fill required input.When adding value such as size to your option tab,enter only the quantity available for that size and leave the +price blank .Products with different colours should be uploaded separately.

Special Price Tab (Deal Price)

·         Click define a new special price

·         Set your price priority between 0-10

·         customer group as default

·         Enter your price (Special Price/Deal Price),this price must be lower than your normal price you entered in General Tab,then you Click on SUBMIT



Note: Only accurately filled products/services deals uploads will be approved.


Payment requested will be made within 24-48 hours upon request,always update the history of your order to avoid payment delay.


Note that if the status of an order on your merchant dashboard shows PROCESSING, please do not ship until the status has changed the status to PROCESSED.You have only 24-48 hours to ship your order,follow shipping procedure



The accepted size of product images is 500x500 pixels

1.Click here to resize your image

2.Select/choose  the image

3.Click on exact size on your right and enter the pixels(500x500pixels)

4.Choose image format jpg and png accepted

5.Choose quality to between 90%-100%

6.Choose background colour to be white then click ok

7.Click on start resizing and the new image will be downloaded for you.