MN-P Replacement Water Filter Magnetic Spigot

-31% Water Filter Magnetic Spigot

All Zen Water countertop system comes with a magnetic spigot. The 1,200 gauss magnet encased in the nut of the spigot magnetizes the water as it passes through the spigot. Molecules in the water are re-polarized during this process, allowing easier and better absorption through the cell wall. Magnetized water, also known as clustered water, is claimed to have energy-building, activating, cleansing and detoxifying properties. Largely unknown to the western world and mainstream medicine, magnetized water is commonly consumed in Russia, China, Japan and Eastern Europe. While there are many skeptics, the practice of magnetic therapy and healing is all natural, non-intrusive and has been in practice for many centuries since ancient Egypt and India. When installing the magnetic spigot, make sure to place one washer on each side of the tank and tighten the nut as much as possible. Check for leak around the spigot around before first use. If a leak is detected, empty tank and re-tighten nut.

  • Magnetic nut contains 1,200 gauss magnet
  • Replacement spigot for Zen Water countertop systems only
  • Easy to use. Lever pushes back or pulls front to a lock position
  • BPA-Free plastic spigot and magnetic nut
  • Be sure to use only genuine Zen Water replacement spigot for proper fitting

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